Monday, July 16, 2012

Montana here we come.

We are leaving for Montana tomorrow morning. Every time we go up there it's an adventure. The first few day I will be photographing animals. Yes, It's the hardest part of my profession, smile. Spending time with all the wonderful animals I paint. This time I will be photographing an animal I have never seen before. I'm not going to tell you what because it's going to be a surprise.

Then we will pack up mules and saddle the horses and head in to the back country for several days. It's something both Daniel and I look forward to. This will be our fourth trip and each time we going to another part of the Bob Marshal wilderness. This time Jay, our dear friend and guild, pleases us an easy trip. That is yet to be seen. But what ever we see or find it will be amazing.

I will post some of my photos. Stay tuned.

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