Sunday, October 14, 2012

France 2012

France 2012

It had been four years since our last visit to France. We left September 4th for a two-week visit and this time it would be all about family and friends.

We flew in to Lyon got our car a headed to Daniel’s Sister’s house in Roanne, just north of Lyon. That would be our base. From there we saw other family members, which is always great because they always start off with Champaign. (it’s hard but someone has to do it, smile). The weather was beautiful, warm and sunny which is not always the case. 

After about five days of eating and drinking all the wonderful things we haven’t had for four years we headed northeast to Cancale and Saint Malo to see two very dear friends. This was the first time we had been in that part of France and it didn’t disappoint. It was beautiful. It’s on the Atlantic Ocean and this is where they have some of the most extreme tides in the world.   They can have tide differences of over 25 feet and the Atlantic is breath taking. Cancale is know for it’s oysters but the oyster industry is having some difficulty as of late so it is really taking off as a tourist hot spot and it’s not far from Saint Malo and Mont Saint-Michel, two very famous landmarks in France. There is a lot of history in these parts both from the middle ages and in modern times.  We spend a half a day walking through Walled city of Saint Malo. It was truly one of the high points of our visit. Saint Malo is a middle ages fortress that during the WWII all of the building in the interior of the walls were destroyed but the outer wall were untouched. So what is there today is the wall of the 14th century and the buildings inside are after the WWII. It is one of the most visited site in France. In the summer this area have beautiful weather but in the winter it has gray skies, cold and lots of rain. 

This is just part of the trip. I will be add more is stay tuned.