Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This time we visited "The Bob"

After my photo shoots we headed in to the backcountry of Montana. This time we were in the Bob Marshall wilderness, known as "The Bob" to the locals. This time we were seven people, seven horses, 6 mules and 1 Bell mare (that's the horse that the mules follow).
 These are just some of the photos taken on our trip.

It's always a moment to remember going in to the backcountry with our very special friends. Jay and Kim Deist and their family are in our hearts always. Thank you for a wonderful time.

Montana was amazing.

We were up there for a week. The first couple days were spent photographing animals. And as always it didn't disappoint. I photographed babies and babies with adults this time. Grizzly, bobcat, fox, wolf but the hight light was the Amur Leopard. This was a first for me. It is the most endangered animal on earth right now. It is a leopard found in Russia. The one I saw was only a three months old. 

They look very similar to an African leopard but their fur is a lot more dense and longer. There are only 30 left in the wild.  

I also photographed a beautiful three month old snow leopard. 

One day soon you might be seeing these two wonderful creatures in my paintings.